Natural or Synthetic?

More and more we want to consume products that are as natural and less toxic as possible for our body, we also care that they are as respectful as possible with the environment and the ecosystem.

The current trend in skin care goes in this sense: use cosmetics with natural ingredients, toxic-free, "cruelty-free", vegan, organic and with processes that respect the environment, but do we know how to differentiate the natural from the organic? or vegan?

In the previous article we explained what natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics are, as well as the benefits it brings us.

Today we would like to talk to you about vegan cosmetics. What is vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics is one that does not contain in its formula any ingredient of animal origin or derivatives thereof, that is, it does not contain dairy, honey, beeswax, egg, animal fat or keratin, or any other ingredient that comes from nor is it tested on animals.

We tend to believe that vegan is natural, but it is not always the case, in the same way, natural cosmetics do not necessarily have to be vegan.

A nail polish, or a lipstick can be or contain synthetic ingredients, since they are obtained by industrial procedures and be vegan at the same time, since they do not come from any animal.

On the other hand, a 100% natural cosmetic may contain ingredients of animal origin, such as dairy, beeswax or others. Take for example a natural lipstick that contains carmine.

Carmine, one of the oldest and most used colorants in cosmetics, is of animal origin, it is obtained from carminic acid, produced by little bugs called cochineals.

For those of us who like to take care of ourselves in a natural and eco-sustainable way, every day we find more products of this type on the market and with the guarantees required by regulations. It is important to know that European regulations are very strict in this regard; none of the products we consume from Europe has been previously tested on animals, whatever the origin of its ingredients.

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