With the recent news in Spain regarding cruel practices conducted on animals in a laboratory, some of you have asked if our products are "Cruelty-Free," meaning they have not been tested on animals. Under no circumstances do we conduct animal testing. It is legally prohibited in Spain and the EU, and ethically goes completely against our values.


All our ingredients have been tested for safety and efficacy using the latest technology, including "in vivo" tests on healthy human volunteers and "in vitro" methods that utilize reconstructed human cells and tissues.


The European Directive 76/768/EEC, which establishes the gradual elimination of animal testing in cosmetics, marked a significant advancement in replacing animal testing.


The directive prohibits animal testing in finished cosmetic products (September 2004), their ingredients (March 2009), as well as the marketing and distribution of finished cosmetic products or their ingredients that have been tested on animals (March 2013).



Testing cosmetics on animals is prohibited.


Testing cosmetic ingredients on animals is prohibited.


Total prohibition of animal testing for ingredients exclusively used in cosmetic products, and the distribution and commercialization of such products.

In addition to the aforementioned testing methods, there are other successful methods used to replace animal experimentation not only in cosmetics, such as "In Silico" methods based on database or computational information, and integrated experimentation strategies combining various techniques. More information can be found at:


Stay Safe, Stay Wild, Stay Extrawild.



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