The use of natural skin care is a growing trend and it is here to stay. But what are natural cosmetics?

 Natural cosmetics are those that use active principles and ingredients that come from nature, that is, they do not use synthetic ingredients.

 Why are they healthy?

 Natural cosmetics do not introduce toxins into their formulations and they are equally safe and effective. Natural cosmetic products are very effective, with a high concentration of biologically active substances.

Made from natural raw materials, with active ingredients that improve and adapt to our skin: antioxidants, proteins and vitamins, among others.

Is it the same natural as organic?

There is a difference, a natural formula must contain at least 95% natural ingredients. A certified organic formula must contain at least 95% natural ingredients and 10% of them must come from organic farming.

Why can't a cosmetic be 100% organic? Many natural ingredients cannot be certified as organic because they do not come from agriculture, even though they are 100% natural, like water and minerals.

Although they are still pure and natural ingredients, equally beneficial for our skin and necessary for cosmetic formulations.


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