Post-vacation skin: essential "beauty" care to restore your skin.
Start autumn with healthy and renewed skin.

The summer months invite us to enjoy the beach, the pool, sunbathing, staying up late relaxing our “healthy” habits.

We love tanned skin and the good-looking effect it gives us, but sun excess, salt, chlorine, changes in temperature, disorderly eating, alcohol ... are factors that can alter our skin, causing a state we call "Post-vacation".

The "Post-vacation" state is characterized by dehydrated skin, dullness, incipient blemishes, even acne.
With some essential care you can recover your skin and prolong your tan naturally.

1. Start with cleansing. Cleanse your skin every morning and every night, whether you put on makeup or not. Use natural and gentle products that clean without irritating.

Go to your beauty salon, for an exfoliation and a deep cleaning treatment, this will allow subsequent treatments and routines to work better.

2. Deep hydration with hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is essential to rehydrate and plump the skin at the same time it stimulates the natural collagen production.

Our 100% natural and vegan multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, "Pure Ha Trio" can reverse the effects of dehydration on your skin by increasing elasticity. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing serum, with a filling and lifting effect, which works on the different layers of the skin.

3. Seal in the hydration with a proper moisturizer.
To seal in the hydration and balance your skin Total Renew face cream will help you balance your skin by stimulating its natural cell renewal, sealing the action of the serum and retaining moisture up to 24h.

“Total Renew” is a deep moisturizing and regenerating face cream with a light texture, it acts as a beautifying and smoothing filter, leaving a fresh, rested and luminous appearance.

With active probiotics, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from external aggressions.

This 100% natural formula is a powerful blend of moisturizing and anti-ageing actives. With active probiotics, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from external aggressions.

4. Nutrition. Facial oils very powerful when it comes to nourishing your skin.
Our dry facial oil "The Face Oil", is a powerful mixture of 100% natural oils and active plant that acts as a "booster" (enhancer), fighting the signs of ageing leaving the skin soft, firm, nourished and with a glowing face effect.

It combines high-performance ingredients, such as "Vegetable Retinol", a powerful antioxidant, which acts on blemishes and fine lines, unifying the skin tone and texture.

The oil is scented with our 100% natural fragrance inspired by Mediterranean landscapes.

5. Sun Protection. Always, always, always, protect yourself from the sun, look for natural products that are not harmful to you or the environment. Every day of the year, even if it's not sunny, protect yourself from UVA, UVB rays.

Smile. Smile, enjoy, live, dream. Start a new course, take it with enthusiasm.

Stay Safe, Stay Wild, Stay Extra Wild!



Hola Esther,
gracias por tu comentario. No tenemos un producto específico para las manchas, pero nuestro aceite “The Face Oil” lleva un complejo vegetal que actúa cómo el Retinol, sin los efectos negativos, ayudando a mejorar el tono de la piel, además de nutrirla en profundidad.


Hola, me parece muy interesante este artículo, yo tengo la piel muy clara y me salen manchas con facilidad. Tenéis algún producto específico anti-manchas?


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