Heat, sweat, sun exposure, salt, chlorine from swimming pools ... In summer our skin is exposed to dehydration, burns and the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

We have some tips for you!

  • Daily cleaning. To maintain healthy and beautiful skin, it is essential to clean your face daily with mild products, even if you do not wear makeup. It is a way to keep the skin ready for your cosmetic treatment to act efficiently.

  • Hydration. In addition to drinking plenty of water (juices, cold teas, smoothies, etc.), we cannot do without our serums and moisturizers, both for the face and the body. The pool, the sea and the sun dry out the skin a lot, so we have to hydrate it properly.

  • Solar protection. It is essential to protect yourself from sun exposure, not only if we go to the beach or the pool. Protecting ourselves from UV and UVA rays is the best way to avoid premature aging of the skin due to sun damage, as well as other pathologies such as skin cancer. Do not forget sensitive areas such as lips, décolleté, hands, neck and ears.Wear hats, caps, bandanas, sunglasses. Besides going styles @ you will protect your scalp, hair and eyes. Use a specific product for these areas.

  • Balanced diet. During the summer we want to eat more fruit and vegetables because our body knows what it needs, in addition to being delicious and fresh, they have antioxidant properties and help the cell regeneration of our tissues.


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