April a month of celebrations: Spring, Earth Month and Earth Day




Back in 1970, UNESCO established the celebration of "Earth Day and Month".   One month and one day after the spring equinox.

This observance was promoted a year earlier by the activist John McConnell, inspired by the movement created by   Rachel Carson, who wrote what is considered the first environmental manifesto, "Silent Spring" in 1962.

This celebration contributes to raising awareness of the importance of caring for and protecting our planet, celebrating the global beauty of the Earth.

At Extra Wild Beauty, we take the opportunity to remember that our planet is protected with actions, however small they may seem, actions that we can do as a company and as citizens, not only on specific dates but day by day.

As a company we strive to produce clean products for our body and the environment.

• Our packaging is recyclable and we do not use plastics or synthetic inks. That is why our boxes may not be the most resistant, nor are they colored or bright, but we wanted to reduce waste as much as possible.

• We have reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging as much as possible, and we are seeking constantly new materials.
• Our jars and bottles are made of MIRON glass, which in addition to being reusable and recyclable, extends the life of our products, protecting them from ultraviolet light.
• We study the improvement of processes to reduce waste.
• To the extent possible, we work with local suppliers and products.
• We believe in conscious purchasing, we produce multifunctional and combinable products to reduce unnecessary spending.

As citizens, whenever possible, we avoid plastic packaging, we recycle, reuse, share, we try to make our footprint as light as possible, and you, what do you do? What do you think?

Be Wild, Be Clean, Be Extra Wild


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