April a month of celebrations: Spring, Earth Month and Earth Day

The "Earth Day and Month" celebration contributes to raising awareness of the importance of caring for and protecting our planet, celebrating the global beauty of the Earth.

Noche mágica de Reyes Magos

¿Te acuerdas de la sensación que sentías la noche de reyes en tu infancia?¿Nervios, emoción, sorpresa, alegría?Preparando el agua, leche, dulces, turrón para los reyes y sus camellos, esperando en pijama sin poder dormir, su llegada, hasta quedar agotad@s

October 19 International Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

October 19 International Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO), promotes this date to raise awareness of the need to prevent and diagnose this disease early.





Post-vacation skin: essential "beauty" care to restore your skin. Start autumn with healthy and renewed skin.

The summer months invite us to enjoy the beach, the pool, sunbathing, staying up late ..., to relax our “healthy” habits.

We love tanning and the good-looking effect it gives us, but excess sun, salt, chlorine, changes in temperature, disorderly eating, alcohol ... are factors that alter our skin, causing a state that we call "Post-vacation" .

Do you know what type of skin you have? Dehydrated or dry skin? What is the difference?

When we talk about skin type, we refer to the characteristics that our skin has, which have been given to us by genetics. Simplifying, we would say that they are the "fixed" characteristics of our skin and there are 4 types of skin: dry, oily, mixed and normal.


Heat, sweat, sun exposure, salt, chlorine from swimming pools ... In summer our skin is exposed to dehydration, burns and the appearance of spots and wrinkles.


Bajo ninguna circunstancia realizamos pruebas con animales. Legalmente está prohibido en España y la UE y, éticamente va completamente en contra de nuestros valores.


Super-Ingredients. Do you know what benefits they bring to your skin? Do you know how they are extracted in cosmetics? 

Vegan cosmetics, natural or synthetic?

Vegan cosmetics, natural or synthetic?

More and more we want to consume products that are as natural and less toxic as possible for our body, we also care that they are as respectful as possible with the environment and the ecosystem.

What is natural skin care? Reasons to use natural cosmetics.

The use of natural skin care is a growing trend and it is here to stay. But what are natural cosmetics?

 Natural cosmetics are those that use active principles and ingredients that come from nature, that is, they do not use synthetic ingredients.

 Why are they healthy?